Three Ways to Build Your Firm’s Commercial YouTube Channel


If you are using video content to promote your brand or products, then there are plenty of ways to help bring more synergy to your marketing activities. Although some individual YouTubers merely want to monetise their activities using the social media site, for businesses, the strategy should be a little more nuanced. In effect, what commercial entities should be doing is aligning their YouTube marketing activities with their existing digital marketing strategies, such as SEO, site optimisation, mobile friendliness, and so on. Read on to find out how to integrate your current online marketing objectives so that your YouTube channel harmonises with them more effectively.

Invest In Tailored Domain Names

To begin with, your main domain name probably doesn’t align with the name of your company’s YouTube channel. Although you might have a reasonably close fit, buying domain names for your business that match your YouTube channel(s) is a wise move.

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Slightly differing or unconnected domain names make people suspicious even if your avatar matches your branding. Remember that you don’t have to have a completely new website for a particular domain name. Web surfers merely need to see what they might click through to from YouTube has a matching domain name which can then redirect them to your home page or, in the case of product demonstration videos, to the relevant landing page.

Leverage AI to Boost Commercial YouTube Accounts

Most digital marketing professionals know that analysing the data analytics YouTube collects on video interactions is key to knowing what to tweak. The trouble is that reviewing such data is labour-intensive and also, to be honest, quite boring work. With modern AI-driven approaches to YouTube data analysis, you can generate easy-to-read reports that give you demographic breakdowns of your channel’s viewer interactions so you can assess your videos’ performance to the second, thereby helping you to build sustainable subscriber growth in your sector.

Build Brand-Relatable B2B Apps

All firms can benefit from an app that explains their products and services, even allowing customers to procure them. For companies with multiple brands that are designed to appeal to different business sectors, multiple B2B apps are preferable. In other words, don’t try and cram too much into one app since this will muddy your brands’ identities. Likewise, segment your YouTube channels and provide content that promotes each app of the relevant channel. The other side of the coin you should be leveraging is adding relevant YouTube-hosted content within your apps so that your users have access to your knowledge and expertise in an easy-to-digest format.


Integrating your online marketing with YouTube content is great, especially if you want to embed or link to video content from your social media channels or even directly from your site. However, directing traffic from YouTube to your site is also important. Investing in domain names, leveraging AI tools and building specific B2B apps are among the best ways of boosting traffic in either direction to deliver a more comprehensively aligned digital marketing strategy.

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