E-Commerce Content Marketing Tactics You Must Use in 2021 to Improve Your Brand and User Experience


In recent years, E-commerce has become commonplace for many sales companies. The competition among online stores was already high and is still increasing day by day. One thing is for sure, although online shopping is on the rise, many sales managers are still in disbelief and avoid it. You can always turn to digital marketing agencies. This is the best digital marketing agency in Dubai.

Here are a few marketing tactics to help you stand out and sell more.

1. Optimize your content for searching

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Your webshop is your point of sale. Arrange it so that every customer feels comfortable with it. Every item must be at the customer’s fingertips. Described accurately in detail with a prominent price. It should never be hard to make a purchase. Good E-commerce optimization starts with product optimization.

Everyone knows they need descriptions, but only some have them. The best-optimized shops on the planet often have the problem of not being able to optimize all products. But detailed product description is not always the priority of optimization. The rule “More is better.” is not always true.

In addition to poor optimization of existing content, another weak point can be information structure. Having poor information structure affects not only the organic traffic of a website but also represents a drastic blow to the overall user experience. With quality information structure, we make sure everything has its place, and nothing is contradictory.

Hint: Consider implementing voice search as a part of your virtual store. Explore the possibilities offered by the “Featured Snippets” tool. More than 40 percent of voice search results come from featured snippets of texts.

2. Promote the products within your content

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There are 4 main factors when it comes to online promotions: content, visitors, conversions, and sales funnels. The three main channels through which visitors will reach your website, web store, or blog are Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Content Marketing (SEO Optimization). SEO will always represent one of the most relevant factors to look into, so regardless if it’s SEO for your entire site, or optimizing for on-page SEO, that’s where your attention needs to be shifted.

You can use either Instagram and Pinterest to advertise, and YouTube is still a great marketing and sales tool for E-commerce.

Try creating a video, making a story. Hopefully, it goes viral, and sales skyrocket. Without advertising, there is nothing.  You can use any social network to easily and quickly inform all your potential users about possible promotions and discounts but also reward them for their loyalty.

Even if there is a crisis, users will first contact you via social media, and it is up to you to respond to the situation in a timely and quality manner.  If you do it the right way, you can turn every problem to your advantage and build trust.

Hint: Investing in influencer marketing is also something worth considering. Just target your customers first and determine which type of influencer suits you. Let them talk about you and your E-commerce store.

3. Use the best tools

It all starts with an idea. Content marketing is recognized today as one of the most popular forms of digital marketing. It is important to have good content, but it is also good to know which tools to use to help promote your business in the best way. So, here’s a few ideas.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon & Maintenence Mode homepage

Coming Soon WordPress plugins can help you keep the customer’s attention on something that’s soon to come. Our recommendation is to try the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin. It’s extremely easy to use and comes with a lot of great themes that will fit your business, no matter the type.

It also comes with 170+ remarkable themes, but those are not the only features you can find in this plugin. Another neat feature is a massive library of free stock photos, as well as the ability to customize almost everything on it.

This plugin also comes with a fantastic SEO setup, so climbing up in the ratings will become easier than ever. Don’t just announce something new, and leave your customers waiting. Keep them on their toes and build excitement by creating a coming soon page.


Optinly homepage

Let’s face it. You’ve probably been annoyed by a pop-up more than once. These sudden pop-ups come out of nowhere and take up your whole screen. Som offer to help you out. Some are asking you to subscribe to an email list, and others are just promoting a new product.

These can be really tiresome, especially when there’s so much of them. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case.

If you want to build stunning custom pop-ups based on specific goals for targeted user engagement, then our recommendation is to try Optinly. It’s going to help you position and create pop-ups the right way, so you can grow your customer base in a sophisticated way.


FindNiche homepage

Not all customers are your target audience. Ask yourself who will benefit from what I am selling? A niche is a specialized market segment for a particular type of product or service. If you want to target a good niche, you can use a great and powerful dropshipping niche finder called FindNiche.

With FindNiche, you can save your time and money and do product research in a simpler way, plus it’s not actually you doing the work. Find your winning niches with the FindNiche tool.

Hint: Grammarly is a great tool for grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism detection. Never allow any content you put out to be full of annoying grammatical errors. Grammarly has done a great job integrating its features into a unique editor. This helps you get rid of basic grammatical and spelling mistakes, minimize redundancy and improve sentence structure.

4. E-mail marketing

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E-mail marketing means the promotion of products and/or services via e-mail or sending marketing messages to potential customers via e-mail. This type of electronic communication is direct communication, so this form of marketing is considered direct marketing.

E-mail marketing allows you to build successful customer relationships, such as reducing greeting cards or gift certificates for a customer’s birthday. This way, you can increase sales but also build a sense of consumer loyalty.

The downside of e-mail marketing is that e-mails can end up in spam. Also, due to the large number of e-mails that consumers receive daily, your drip campaign may go unnoticed. Try to create your e-mail database. Buying an e-mail address is often not a good solution.

Hint: MailChimp is a very useful tool for e-mail marketing and allows you to simultaneously send an email campaign to 12,000 e-mails for up to 2,000 subscribers for free. Besides, it allows you to send surveys and questionnaires to subscribers but also create a pop-up form so you can collect e-mail addresses.

Final tips

Consider remarketing methods as well. Unfortunately, online shoppers do not have long attention spans or unlimited time when it comes to the purchase itself, and it often happens that in the process of buying something else draws their attention and distracts them from your webshop.

Lastly, do not forget to monitor and measure everything. Use Google Analytics to find out all about your visitors and their behavior while browsing your webshop, so optimize the web shop according to the information gathered this way.

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