The Best Instagram Growth Services and Platforms That Will Help You Skyrocket Your Profile


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, and it was even the most popular one at some point. It allows creators to express themselves and post their work online.

Still, the difference between, let’s say, Facebook and Instagram is that Instagram was the first social network that introduced hashtags as a form of categorization.

Let me explain. If you put in the description of your post a certain hashtag, let’s say #water, that post will categorize itself by the hashtag or hashtags, and anyone who is searching for that hashtag or uses the same hashtag in their posts will be able to see your post.

It doesn’t matter if they are in India, Bolivia, or Germany. And that is what makes Instagram so great because it effortlessly promotes your content all over the world.

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The other part is the followers. People who follow your Instagram page and, by doing so, will see your posts on their feed. Now, you can get your followers organically or buy them. This is where it gets tricky.

A lot of people make money from promoting Instagram profiles, but a lot of them scam people by selling fake Instagram followers.

People that make fake accounts and try to pass them off as organic followers. That is not good for your brand or business because it creates an illusion that people can easily see-through just by looking at your followers. If they see fake followers, they will doubt the legitimacy of your business or brand, and they will not take you seriously.

To make sure that does not happen, we will be naming five platforms that will help you grow your Instagram profile.

1. Viralyft

Viralyft homepage

Viralyft is a website that sells a mass number of Instagram followers at once, and they do it at an affordable price. The prices range from 2.89$ to 94.99$, and you can buy as little as a hundred Instagram followers all the way up to 10000 Instagram followers.

The website also claims that those are real and engaging users.

They offer 24/7 support, a high retention rate, a 24-72 hour delivery, and a security guarantee. If you are worried about fraud and phishing, the only information they need is your IG username, and you will pay via an encrypted gateway.

2. Social Packages

Social Packages homepage

Social Packages is a website where you can buy Instagram followers from all over the world, with a guaranteed refill, a delivery within 48 hours, and the website does not require your password.

The prices for Instagram followers range from 2.50$ all the way up to 105$. The amount of Instagram followers you can buy varies from a hundred up to 10000.

3. Social-Viral

Social-Viral homepage

Social-Viral is a website that sells not only followers but also likes and views. This is something that the first two entries do not offer, but it is useful to people that want to be influencers.

Social-Viral sells comments as well, something that barely any other sites like this do.

This site will sell you up to 5000 followers and claims the purchase cannot be detected. If you do somehow run into some problems, they have helpful and engaging customer support that will always be there for you.

And, that’s not all, because they offer the same service on other social media platforms as well. You do not have to limit yourself to Instagram when expanding to Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, and Spotify could be even more beneficial.

The prices for the service can be as low as 1.49$ for 50 Instagram followers, all the way up to 5000 followers for 39.99$

4. landing page allows you to buy Instagram followers, likes, and auto likes. They use targeting algorithms to prevent the detection of their work. That way, Instagram will not pick up on what they are doing, and your profile will continue to gain followers gradually.

Their prices range from 3.95$ for 100 Instagram followers, and the most you can buy at a time is 25000 Instagram followers for 299.95$.

We also have to mention that these followers are carefully picked as well, based on shared interests, locations, and hashtags. But, the downside of this is that requires your Instagram password in order to perform their service.

So, if you are not willing to give your password, maybe try another option.

5. Stormlikes

Stormlikes homepage

Stormlikes is a website that sells Instagram followers, likes, and views as well. But, these followers will individually help you reach your goal by being interactive, high-quality followers that will ask the right questions that will reach the targeted audience.

They also have 24/7 customer support that will be there for you, no matter what. They will be happy to help and to explain.

The price for Instagram followers ranges from 2.89$ for 100 followers, and the number of followers you can buy goes all the way up to 25000 followers for 279.99$. And, you will be happy to know that Stormlikes does not require your password in order to perform their service.

Final Thoughts

If you are starting a business or a brand, you will need a lot of support from the public, and getting that support over social media platforms like Instagram has been a thing for quite some time now.

So it is important to understand how crucial it is for people that want to do this job to have a large following. That is why services like these exist. Sites that will allow you to buy Instagram followers without the fear of being scammed.

A lot of websites out there sell bot likes and followers, you can subscribe. However, be cautious of whether they provide the best possible service that will support you through the entire process.

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