How to Find Professional Email Addresses with Tomba


Whether you’re working in sales or the purchasing department, at times, you’ll want to reach out to other businesses to either sell your products/services or buy theirs. Anyone who’s been at this before knows that getting direct contacts can sometimes be a chore.

There are many instances where emails or other contact info aren’t displayed and are instead replaced by forms, which most of us dread using. To circumvent that problem, we’re presenting Tomba, an app that can get you that precious contact info even if it’s hidden.

What is Tomba?

Tomba homepage

To put it as simply as possible, Tomba is an app that can scour a domain or domains for emails that aren’t listed for everyone to see. Aside from searching sites for email contacts, you can also use the email verifier to confirm an email address you’ve got elsewhere.

Because people tend to change positions, addresses will sometimes become invalid, so the verifier is an excellent tool that will help you keep your database as up-to-date as possible.

Similar to finding emails, you can also find and verify phone numbers, which could be even more important if you prefer a more direct approach. If you have something like a dedicated telemarketing department building up a phone number database could be invaluable.

The database

Tomba features

You’re probably wondering that this is all fine, but you’re working with large lists of contacts that can’t really be gone through one contact at a time. Well, Tomba prides itself on a database of over 400 million contact details which can be extensively searched for individual domains and addresses or in bulk.

Let’s say you get a mailing list with hundreds of contacts and are tasked to check the validity of each one. Going one at a time could eat up enormous amounts of your time. Tomba allows you to search and/or verify the entire list in bulk in just a few minutes. Imagine how much time you’ll save and then spend on other aspects of the business.

Extensions and add-ons

Because every business nowadays needs an online presence, the way web management is handled varies greatly from one business to the next. Tomba looks to be approachable to as many users as possible by providing extensions for the most common web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Safari).

This means that even if you’re managing your business in the most minimalistic way, through the browser, you’ll still be able to quickly access all features provided by the app.

Along with the integrations, you’ll also get to implement Google Sheets and Microsoft add-ons, which again improves accessibility for any newcomers who are more comfortable using familiar, commonly used software.


Tomba pricing

As of writing, you can get Tomba for a one-time purchase of $89. Within this package, you get 500 search requests, 100 phone verification, and 1,000 verification requests, which should be more than enough to start.

While there are no tiers to speak of, you can stack the “basic” code multiple times to get more requests and verifications, along with the option to give access to the app to more team members. It’s important to note that the units don’t scale linearly but instead exponentially, i.e., every time you stack codes, you’ll get more units than you got with the last stack.


Tomba is a very useful tool that can be used both for buying and selling. It helps you keep your contact information up to date and unlocks doors that are closed by default. Add to that the affordable price, and you got yourself something every business should consider implementing.

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