Fixed: Ublock Origin Not Blocking YouTube Ads 2022


uBlock Origin is a powerful browser extension known for its robust ad-blocking capabilities. However, users occasionally encounter issues, especially when it comes to blocking ads on YouTube. This guide is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of potential reasons why uBlock Origin might not be effectively blocking YouTube ads in 2022 and how to resolve these issues.

Browser Compatibility

1. Browser Compatibility

One of the common reasons for uBlock Origin failing to block YouTube ads is browser compatibility. Ensure that you are using a supported browser and that both the browser and uBlock Origin are updated to the latest versions. Supported browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

2. uBlock Origin Filters

uBlock Origin relies on filter lists to block ads. It’s possible that the specific filter lists related to YouTube ads need to be updated. In uBlock Origin settings, navigate to the “Filter lists” tab and ensure that lists like “EasyList” and “uBlock filters” are enabled and up-to-date.

3. Anti-Adblock Measures by YouTube

YouTube occasionally implements measures to counter ad-blockers, making it harder for them to function effectively. In response, uBlock Origin often releases updates to counter these measures. Ensure that you have the latest version of uBlock Origin installed to benefit from any countermeasures.

4. Custom Filters

Users sometimes apply custom filters in uBlock Origin settings. While this can be beneficial for fine-tuning ad-blocking, it can also inadvertently interfere with YouTube ad blocking. Check your custom filters to ensure they are not causing conflicts with YouTube ad blocking.

5. YouTube App on Mobile Devices

If you are using the YouTube app on a mobile device, uBlock Origin may not be able to block ads. This is because the YouTube app operates differently from the web version, and uBlock Origin is primarily designed for web browsers.

6. Try Different uBlock Origin Versions

There are different branches or versions of uBlock Origin available. Some users have reported success with specific versions when it comes to blocking YouTube ads. Consider trying alternative versions to see if they provide better results.

7. Other Browser Extensions

Conflicts with other browser extensions can sometimes interfere with uBlock Origin’s ad-blocking capabilities on YouTube. Temporarily disable other extensions and see if uBlock Origin is now able to block ads effectively.

8. YouTube Red/Premium

If you are using a YouTube Premium or YouTube Red subscription, these services are designed to be ad-free. They may override uBlock Origin’s attempts to block ads. Ensure that your YouTube account is not signed in while using uBlock Origin.

9. uBlock Origin Support and Forums

The uBlock Origin community actively discusses issues and provides solutions on various forums. Visiting these forums or seeking assistance from the uBlock Origin support team can provide specific and up-to-date advice for dealing with YouTube ad-blocking problems.


Resolving uBlock Origin’s failure to block YouTube ads in 2022 requires a systematic approach. By ensuring browser compatibility, updating filters, addressing custom settings, and considering potential conflicts with other extensions, users can significantly improve uBlock Origin’s performance in ad-blocking on YouTube.

It’s worth noting that as YouTube continually updates its platform, occasional issues with ad-blockers like uBlock Origin may arise. Staying informed about updates and actively participating in relevant forums can provide valuable insights and solutions. With persistence and a bit of troubleshooting, users can enjoy an ad-free YouTube experience with uBlock Origin in 2022.

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