9 Ways to Improve Content Marketing SEO Ranking


Content marketing involves creating and distributing valuable, relevant content such as newsletters, blogs, white papers, using blogger outreach services, media posts, videos, emails, and similar materials to prospective and current customers. If done correctly, it conveys knowledge and demonstrates that the company is committed to its customers to whom they sell.

Consistent use of content marketing helps to build and maintain connections with prospective as well as existing customers. Suppose your audience sees your business as a partner who is interested in their success and an invaluable source of information and advice. In that case, they’re more likely to choose you the next time they need to purchase.

9 Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing SEO Ranking

1. Create Original, High-Quality Content

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Google’s algorithms constantly search for content of the highest quality that is relevant to the terms that users type in. Google searches websites and evaluates the relevancy of sites based on keywords that are found on them.

The search engine determines the quality of a website or not, based on the fact that other top-quality websites link to your website. Additionally, it evaluates the degree of engagement from visitors to your site and the amount of content your site is unique.

2. Research Your Keyword(s)

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You’ve likely heard of the term “keywords” before. They are the terms and phrases that searchers type into their search engines to locate content. Keywords can help you ensure that the general public sees your content.

Before you start writing, ensure that you have at minimum 1 or 2 keywords you can use if you don’t have several more.

3. Modify your URLs

Alongside putting keywords into all the headings of your site’s contents, Moz’s Rand Fishkin recommends placing them in your URLs, too. If a user moves their cursor over an anchor word, the user will be able to see that the site is relevant to the URL. If there isn’t any, the anchor’s text can see the significance in the text.

4. User-friendly design

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If you want visitors to be interested, you must make sure that your website is designed to be easy to navigate and users.

Be sure your website includes:

  • Good color contrast – A sensible, logical sequence to arrange it, i.e. Navigation at the top, the content beneath, calls for actions at the end of the text, and appealing images.
  • Larger fonts – Content from various sections
  • A search bar with an apparent search function
  • White space

Your website must also be responsive to devices like tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. It is a matter of resizing and adapting to the device it is being viewed on. The mobile-friendly aspect is essential as mobile devices are the ones many customers use to decide whether or not to make purchases.

5. Go Deep and Focus on the Reader

The more thorough your content is written, the better Google’s algorithm will be drawn to your writing. In addition, your readers will as well. All of it, in the end, returns to your Reader. Your customers are your company’s most significant influencers and are essential for you to grow and even survive.

When you’re writing SEO content, make sure you think about things from the perspective of your readers.

6. Delete duplicate pages

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Pages that are duplicates can pose significant issues to your rankings. The reason is that the incorrect page may be indexed, and Google will then split the link metrics across different versions of the same page instead of assigning it to the one.

Duplicate pages are caused for many reasons. Maybe you use them to track clicks or offer an easy-to-print version of your website.

7. Make Good Use of Social Media

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Here’s a way to increase the visibility of your content post-facto. Twitter, Twitter, and Facebook are the three leading social media platforms companies employ to promote their SEO-related content.

It’s a quick and inexpensive means to reach your target audience, and it’s becoming more and more critical. Set up an account depending on what you can handle and ensure that you regularly post content.

8. Make meaningful connections

It is possible to create excellent long-form material filled with images and hyperlinks to trustworthy websites. However, it won’t be noticed if you aren’t actively marketing your content and pursuing distribution on high-quality websites.

In addition to using Buzzsumo to find and connect with the influential people in your field, you can:

  • Send these influencers email or social invites whenever your business announces a new product or service or presents a fantastic informational graphic or another document. Let influencers know how this announcement or information could benefit their followers.
  • If they are writers, ask them to pitch story ideas and provide interviews with your company’s thought-leaders.
  • Ask influential bloggers if they would like to allow guest blog posts. Write quality content for them, and then see whether they can hyperlink to your site’s content.

9. Invest in SEO

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Some content marketers believe they can get business results with high rankings from organic links and traffic and forget the necessity of using paid advertising. Both are necessary to be successful.

When you’re paying for the distribution of press releases and distributing native advertisements on websites that are high-quality or hiring an external company to manage your SEO, be aware that all your efforts are an investment in your business.

There’s only so much you can achieve from organic, and paid advertising has the opportunities to promote the message of your business and allow you to reach your primary audience.


If you’d like your business to reach the top of the heap, it’s time to improve your SEO content expertise. If you’re willing to commit, learn and follow the flow, and pay care for the small things, you’ll be able to go far. And if you really want to compete with big companies, you should consider hiring professional companies for the job, like a digital marketing agency in dubai.

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