What Are the Advantages of AI in Marketing


Artificial intelligence is the ability of a device to imitate human activities such as reasoning, learning, planning, and creativity. AI enables technical systems to perceive the environment, calculate what they see, and solve problems to achieve a goal. The computer receives pre-prepared data, processes it, and gives answers. Some artificial intelligence technologies have been around for more than 50 years. But advances in computing power, the availability of vast amounts of data, and new algorithms have led to large breakthroughs in artificial intelligence in recent years. AI will bring enormous changes in the future, but it is already present in our everyday life.

AI and marketing


Marketing is considered advertising, but it is only part of the large spectrum of activities that marketing includes. Marketing is used to choose which products, services, and programs to apply in selected markets and is subordinated to customers and demand, of course, to achieve the highest possible profit. Before the Internet, it was almost impossible to collect such a variety of data about so many people. However, today life without the Internet is unimaginable, and it is used for everything. People search for terms, something they do, something they want to buy, watch movies, listen to music, and show interest in various topics… Such technologies can be of great marketing benefit. What also works in favor is the number of Internet users is constantly growing, so the number of potential business opportunities is increasing.

What is the biggest advantage of artificial intelligence? The advantage even over human intelligence is the enormous processing speed and massive capacity to store data. Then it is a powerful machine that is no longer just a blind executor of orders but can also infer some things. Also, it can process large amounts of data at high speed, which would take humans millions of times more time and effort. Therefore, it is precisely artificial intelligence that can master the data of such a large number of people. Data on the Internet is no longer considered useless. It can be a great chance to increase the profits of both large and small companies. Thus, modern technology imposed itself as an advantage in marketing. Why? Because things that were unimaginable not so long ago are now commonplace and should be used well.

AI can be used for tasks such as SEO optimization or targeted advertising. By understanding how search engines work, AI can identify and target keywords and phrases that are likely to result in higher rankings. Among other things, AI can automate repetitive tasks such as email marketing and social media posts. It can also analyze website traffic data and user behavior to identify patterns and trends and set up marketing campaigns effectively.


They were created to imitate human conversation, and at least 100,000 were developed for the Facebook Messenger app. Like Siri and Alexa, chatbots respond to a list of requests from the user. They can learn how to behave in frequently recurring situations. Generally speaking, chatbots can respond to a user’s message and have a conversation like a human. They can solve an existing problem in an instant, and even perform a series of tasks.

Online visual content

Visual content recognition technology has been around for some time, and online users are familiar with the ability to tag friends on social networks. How does Facebook recognize faces? There are many more possibilities that visual content recognition technology can provide in the marketing world.

Campaign management

Artificial intelligence can help manage digital marketing campaigns from start to finish. By producing detailed reports, UI can help companies track progress and identify areas for improvement. It can automate tasks such as email marketing and social media campaigns.

Final Words

Finally, as we become more aware of how our personal data is used and shared, we are likely to see stricter laws governing its handling. This could make it harder for companies to collect and use data for marketing purposes. Another challenge companies face is keeping up with the latest technological trends.

AI could be the future, and not only in marketing. There is no reason to be afraid of it. It is essential to use it right.

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