Top 6 Tips for Writing a Killer Essay About Technology


Technology has been a part of human life for quite some time. It changes reality every day. Today automation has almost wholly replaced manual labor. Students can buy college essays at in no time, and teachers can check them for plagiarism in one minute on various online platforms and special applications.

With so much technology all around us, how do you write about it in a way that is interesting to read? Today we will discuss how to write an essay about technology that is not clich├ęd and get a high score.

Choose a fascinating topic

The success of your essay depends directly on the choice of topic. If you are completely ignorant about technology, we recommend that you watch videos on YouTube, read the latest news on various news resources, and search for the latest technological innovations on alternative sources of information.

Technology is not always just about machines and robots. It can be technological breakthroughs in various industries, from bioengineering and medicine to the beauty and culinary industries. Choose a topic that fascinates you and that will already be half the success of your essay.

Do research

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It is essential to understand that it is impossible to write about trending technologies using outdated data. Try to search for information, paying attention to the date of publication and the reliability of the source.

Do not limit yourself to textbooks and books. Modern problems require modern solutions, and all methods will be suitable. However, we still advise you not to refer to Wikipedia and subjective sources.

Avoid plagiarism

It’s one of the homework hacks that relates to writing essays about technologies. Teachers have long been using a variety of applications and services to check papers for plagiarism. You can get ahead of them and check your work for plagiarism before turning it in for review. Various free services online can assist you in this. Moreover, always use the source citation format that is relevant to your institution.

Be creative

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You must engage your reader from the first lines of your essay. An out-of-the-box way of thinking and creativity will help you in formulating a catchy thesis statement. You can use paradox to engage the reader. This method is based on two contradictory opinions, which you will reveal as you write your paper.

Give impressive evidence

You must find credible and convincing arguments and facts that support your thoughts and vision. This is easy to do when you write about technology. Refer to striking examples of the use of devices or services in your life.

You can use social media or Reddit to find such stories, or you can reference the implementation of specific technologies by giant corporations and companies. Use hashtags and mentions to find the publications you need. You can also learn about the rules of using Google to achieve the best search results.


Grammarly on screen

In the final stage of checking your essay, it is extremely important to verify your work for mistakes. Moreover, you should make sure that your paper is coherent and that it maintains the logic of the narrative and argumentation. It often happens that you form one thesis statement when you start writing your paper and then realize that you have changed your opinion in your conclusions.

In that case, you should change your thesis statement according to the conclusions you have reached. Always review your work a couple of hours after you have written it. It is necessary so that you take a break from your essay, forget about it for a while, switch to something else, and reread the work on a fresh head.

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