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Save Someone's IGTV Videos For Offline Viewing

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Do you wish to download someone's IGTV videos? You can do so easily using IGTV Downloader tool. Here's how.
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How To Download IGTV Videos?

1. Get IGTV Video URL

You can get the IGTV video link by going to the desired video on the Instagram app or IGTV app and then tap on 3 dots and select Copy Link.

Copy IGTV Video Link

2. Paste The Link In IGTV Downloader

Open this web app and paste the copied IGTV link and then click on Download Video.

IGTV Video Downloader

3. Save IGTV Video

Either click on the 3 dots in the video controls and select Download.

Save IGTV Video

Or click on Download Video button and on the next page right click on the video and select Save Video As...

IGTV Downloader

What Is IGTV?

IGTV is a video platform from Instagram that can be used on the Instagram app but it also has its own standalone app. It is specially designed by Instagram so that their users can share a long-form of video with their followers as Instagram don’t allow videos over 1 minute on its regular platform. Just like YouTube, users can create their own channels on IGTV and can share videos up to a length of one hour.

IGTV Video Downloader Overview

This IGTV video downloader lets you easily download your favorite Instagram videos in a few simple steps. You just need to grab the URL of the IGTV video that you want to download and paste it in the download box of this tool and the video shall start downloading right away.

The video will be downloaded in the internal storage of your device and you can find it from there. Also, this tool works equally well on any given platform be it a smartphone, PC, Mac, or Tablet so you won’t have any compatibility issues.

Why Use Thumbtube IGTV Downloader?

There are many Instagram video downloaders available on the Internet but the reason why you should Use Thumbtube in the first place is:

1. It's Free

Thumbtube IGTV video downloader does not ask you to pay any fee for downloading Instagram videos from it. You can download as many videos as you may like from it without any daily limit and all this at no cost.

2. Ease Of Use

The other reason why Thumbtube IGTV downloader is better than others is that it is very easy to use and even a novice can download IGTV videos through it. You just need the IGTV video link and leave the rest to this tool, it will download the video in the best possible resolution for you.

3. Compatible With All Devices

One generally uses Instagram on their smartphone to view photos and videos, but if you don't have access to your smartphone for some reason or other then you can also download IGTV videos from your PC or tablet using this tool.

4. No Email Required

Also unlike many other online tools that ask you to give your email information or sign up on their server, this tool requires no such formalities.

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