How to Build an SEO-Optimized Coming Soon Page in 2022


Launching a website from scratch requires planning, organization, and devotion to details. Not even a team of designers can do that overnight. But, coming soon pages are a great temporary solution for announcing a brand-new service or product.

Coming Soon & Maintenace Mode

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode website

If you want to arouse your audience’s curiosity even before the launch date, the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin offers various features to make your coming soon page exciting. Creating a strong coming soon page will keep your audience hooked, and your new site will seem worth waiting for.

Design & themes

Impressive and eye-catching visuals make the most important portion of your coming soon page. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin includes over a million high-resolution images and over 170 stunning, easily customizable themes.

By simply typing the keywords into a search bar, you can choose from an abundance of appealing visuals suitable for various fields and businesses.

Themes coming soon

After choosing the theme, you can adjust its layout by dragging and arranging its elements with the drag & drop builder. New layout elements, such as social media links, animations, maps, a countdown, and a video, can also be added. They can be personalized down to the smallest detail, whether it’s their size, color, or style.

Full rebranding

With Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin, rebranding and modernizing your company’s visual identity has never been easier. You can create a brand-new logo, text, or visuals directly from the dashboard without changing the code. This is a great addition for those that intend on working with clients and want a complete overhaul of the plugin’s appearance.

Pro Tip: You can also download the Simple Author Box to add an author box at the end of your posts, displaying the author’s name, avatar, photo, and a short bio. This is a great solution for bloggers and authors alike.

Easy access for clients

Coming Soon access panel

The Access feature allows you to tweak the access setting as the name suggests. The site can be visible to logged-in users only or those with the access link. The choice is yours.


While the website is under construction, optimizing its features is essential if you want it to rank well. With the right keywords and sufficient engagement, you will soon see an improvement in your rankings.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin provides a complete SEO analysis studio that focuses on problems and improvements while offering a variety of useful SEO tips.

Coming Soon SEO tab

Transparent and easy to use, the interface shows the website’s optimization score, a real-time preview in the search engine results, stats, the preview of the website as shown on social media, and much more.

Pro Tip: If you want to boost your SEO score and ensure your users never encounter the much dreaded 404, we suggest you look towards WP 301 Redirects.

Autoresponder & Emailing services

If you plan on collecting emails, you’ll be glad to know that Coming Soon & Maintenance mode offers plenty of adjustable settings for email services. If you want to inform the audience that their subscription has been successful, you can email them. Want them to know the page should be reloaded? Autroresponder. It’s as simple as that.


Whether setting up your first official website or building a brand new version, the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin is a practical, affordable tool that will suit all your needs and preferences. Its variety of personalized features will ensure that your coming soon page becomes an honorable opener for all your future endeavors.

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