Use Emojis To Improve Email Open and Click Rates


The use of emojis in email marketing is a contentious topic these days. While some marketers believe that emojis are popular and are the only way to make your business more relatable, others disagree. They think emojis are nasty and uncreative since they are overused and obsolete.

Today, we’re going to talk about how using emojis can help you in your marketing efforts, but before we get into the tips themselves, let us stress one thing. When using emojis, make sure your meaning is crystal clear.

In addition, stick to famous emojis with one clear meaning to avoid any confusion or disrespect. The crying laughing emoji is used by millennials when they find something amusing. This is considered outdated by Generation Z, who like the skull emoji. Now, onto the important part.

How to Use Emojis In Email Marketing Effectively

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When you consider the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing emoticons in email marketing, it’s clear that they’re not inherently evil. If you don’t want your campaign to fail, you just need to know how to use them correctly. For example, you could think that using the fist-bump emoji is an empowering fist-bump, and some people could interpret it as a punch in the face. So be careful.

Everyone uses social media to pass the time these days. Take this as an opportunity to learn. Observe how members of your target audience use emojis and how they utilize them by checking out how people interact in various comment sections. This will assist you in avoiding that “How do you do, fellow kids” moment.

1. Arrange your emojis in a strategic manner

If you want to use emojis to increase your open rate, the first thing you need to do is spice up your subject line.

Here are a few of the most inventive techniques you can use:

  • Use emoticons that aren’t widely used to make yourself stand out.
  • Emphasize the main point of your subject line.
  • To emphasize the urgency of your message, use emojis of a specific color.

2. Recognize your target market

It’s imperative that you understand who you’re sending your campaigns to. Not only will you be able to personalize your emails more effectively, but you’ll also be able to vary the intensity of your emoji email marketing. We advocate segmenting your email list members and customizing your emoticons for each group.

3. To minimize misinterpretation, account for varied devices and ESPs

It’s not simply the age difference or the cultural differences that might cause problems. Another issue to think about when using emojis in email marketing is if they’ll be shown correctly on the other end.

4. Make sure the emojis you use is appropriate for your brand voice

Consider whether emojis are appropriate for your industry, who your target audience is, and what they value the most about your company.

5. Don’t use too many emojis

It’s tempting to get carried away with the cheerful faces and have a bit too much fun. You must, however, keep in mind that everything is fine in moderation.

6. Make sure your emojis convey the right message

This tip is pretty similar to what we mentioned in the introduction. The most unprofessional thing you can do is add a random emoji that makes no sense. The ideal method for using emojis in emails is to make sure they’re relevant to the content and add value to it.


Emojis make you cringe, don’t they? To some extent, yes. Is it still possible to utilize them in email marketing? To some extent, yes. While emoticons aren’t bad and may undoubtedly make your email campaigns more lively, you shouldn’t rely on cheerful faces to redeem an otherwise boring email.

Emojis are more of an add-on in 2022 than a stand-alone strategy. And you should approach it as such; only use it if you’re confident in your styling abilities!

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