6 Ways To Tweak Your Content for Better SEO: How To Increase Traffic with Content


Do you want to be at the helm of a Fortune 500 company? Then you are in the wrong place, buddy. We are not here to teach you how to be a CEO; we are teaching you about SEO. Totally different thing. SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a nifty little practice that enables you, a website owner, to generate and sustain organic website traffic.

A good SEO strategy can be essential to your website’s success. It will enable your website to be among the top results. It is quite important because; nobody is going to scroll to find your site or, heavens forbid, get to the abyss that is the second page of Google search results.

In this article, we will show six ways you can tweak your content for better SEO so you can stay on top of the game (and search results).

Make great content

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What is the purpose of your website? Is it informative, educational, or are you promoting an idea or selling a product? It doesn’t matter. You absolutely need to have quality content, or none of this will work for you. In addition to having awesome content, you have to give it structure.

In this department, you might want to be creative and whimsical but stick to the old fashion introduction, elaboration, and conclusion style. The scientists really do know what they are doing!

Be pretty!

Enough of this social pressure, you say. But hear us out; we are talking about your website. When making a website, you have to have visuals in mind. Creating a visually easy and intuitive site is a must. Having a clean and crisp layout enables your readers to flow through the site.

Having paragraphs and titles really helps your SEO score. And as far as images go, it’s important to use them as well. But stay relevant and explain them in a little subtitle right under.


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Search engines will scan your website for the most relevant words and phrases and display them to the searcher. Now you may think that using a keyword in your title may not be the most artistic thing, but it will make sure your website is displayed accordingly. But use those keywords wisely.

In the olden days of the internet (like 7 years ago), website creators would mash as many keywords on the page as they could. They also used to write those keywords in white font on a white background to maximize their SEO score. DO NOT DO THIS! We are sure that search engines penalize websites that do this.

Make sure to use Google Adwords Keyword Planner to get an idea of how certain keywords perform in search engines. Also, use keywords in your URL to boost your SEO ranking.

Optimize images for SEO

Nobody has the time to wait for that image to load. If an image doesn’t load at light speed, it’s adios, buddy. If this happens, every average Joe is leaving your site and clicking on a faster one. Load time is a major factor that algorithms use in determining your search engine page. The faster a website loads, the better the SEO score is.

Meta description

You don’t have a lot of time to capture someone’s attention. That is why meta descriptions are usually 100-160 characters long. Meta descriptions sum up your website’s content and are included in the search engine results. This trick helps capture your users’ attention quickly.

It also helps them figure out if your website is useful and interesting. Although it doesn’t play a role in your SEO score directly, it will help generate organic traffic to your website by the means of normal human behavior.

Answer box

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Do you want your site to be seen before any other? Do you want your site to be seen without even clicking on it? Well, of course, you do. Believe us, you do. That is why you have to optimize for the answer box. What is an answer box, you ask? Well, let us answer it.

The answer box is that little, convenient snippet of text that you see on top of search page results that perfectly answers your question. You want to be in that place. They are also known as feature snippets. Search engines scrape your and millions of others, websites for the perfect answer to the users’ questions.

To get into this sweet spot, do not use more words than you need to, and maybe create a list. Lists are cool!

Final Thoughts

We have shown you 6 cool and easy ways you can tweak your content for a better SEO score. Godspeed, dear reader and see you on the top of search engine pages.

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