6 Unique Ways To Attract a New Facebook Audience This Year


Without a doubt, Facebook has a strong influence and power in the social media world. All the more, its importance is bigger now than ever. Facebook surpassed its original role of connecting people with their friends and families. Almost three billion people globally turned to Facebook for a variety of reasons, with running a blog being one of them.

Having said that, you have to keep seeking ways to stand out in the mass and avoid being lost to your desired audience.

2022 brings even more challenges as the number of competitors keeps rising. Considering that, we analyzed and singled out ways that will help you out with your goal of attracting and retaining an audience on your blog.

Include trending topics

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Generating content that is not right for your audience can lead to a small engagement on your page. You won’t be able to attract an audience to your blog. To avoid low engagement, you should generate the content that is currently trending in your domain. Mixing the right content with advertisements you can conduct in ad creator Facebook offers you is the winning formula for your blog’s success.

To keep up with the trending topics, you can utilize many different tools that can help you, such as checking out popular hashtags or popping into a group to stay tuned to events that are coming up. Your audience will engage with the trending topics, and this way, you can attract them to your blog.

Ask questions

In nature, every question conjures an answer. To keep your audience in mind and invoke a response, you can pose a question that would link back to your blog content. Keep your questions intriguing and witty. These questions always generate engagement and will attract your audience to the blog content.

Writing curious questions makes people want to know the answer and will make them click on a link you shared. You can play with the type of questions and see which has the best response. Seek opinions, use fill-in-the-blank questions, personal views, etc.

Make polls

What better way to engage your audience than Facebook polls?! They can be a very powerful aid in this process. It’s a win-win situation. You get to interact and find the much-needed feedback from your followers, and at the same time, they feel included with no commitments. People like to know that you are listening and their opinion is being valued.

Include a Blog Tab

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A custom tab on a Facebook page can display any content you want on it. Creating and including one for your blog can easily drive traffic to a blog. It will automatically display your articles on a blog tab, and your audience can view them.

It’s fairly easy to create a new custom tab on your page, with just a couple of steps. This can attract your audience without much effort on your side. Your page will look more professional and will enable your blog showcase in just one simple click.

If you don’t want to get too technical about how to create your custom tab, many tools can help you create a tab just right for your page.

Generate ideas from reviews and comments

You are not certain what your customers are looking for and what would increase engagement? Mining through the comments and reviews on your page can result in some great ideas that could result in new content.

Positive reviews or comments can help you understand what is currently making people happy with your content. On the other hand, negative comments can help you understand what your page is missing. Based on this information, you can generate new content that could boost engagement and attract more people to your blog.

Post viral photos and videos

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Surely we have all noticed that the number of videos and pictures in Facebook posts is increasing. That’s not some kind of coincidence; Facebook changed its algorithm, placing the focus exactly on such content.

Visual content is always a good idea. It attracts viewers’ attention much easier and faster. Don’t lag and follow current trends created by not only Facebook itself but also its’ users.
Sometimes, the answer lies in simplicity and fun. If you manage to entertain your audience, it’s a great opportunity to direct their attention towards the rest of your content.

Final thoughts

Take advantage of the suggestions offered according to your needs. It can be just one or all of them. While the process of maintaining a successful blog is full of ups and downs, perseverance is key. Constantly monitor how your audience reacts to the content you post and adapt.

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