How To Write the Perfect YouTube Description


How to create a YouTube channel that people will subscribe to is one of the most common questions marketers of today have. The reason for this is the fact that YouTube is currently one of the most popular social networks, but also predictions that say that video content will make up over 80% of the shared content on social networks.

Optimizing your YouTube video description is an important thing you need to do. A well-written YouTube description can pique your audience’s attention, leading to longer viewing times, higher click counts, and perhaps even subscribers. Besides, it can help YouTube SEO by letting YouTube’s system identify your content and suggest it to new users.

1. Use the right keywords

Certain tools help you see how many times people search for a term on YouTube. Just type in the specific keyword you want to position yourself for and get the number of searches for that term on YouTube in a specific country. After that, go to YouTube and see how many clips on the subject are already there.

If the desired keyword does not have too many quality video clips and generates a good number of searches, you know that you have a chance to position higher. In your YouTube video description, use terms as How-To, Tips & Tricks, Tutorials, and so on.

2. Discover what else your target audience is watching

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Nowadays, having a video show up in the recommendations generates more YouTube traffic than using the search bar. The description of your video allows YouTube’s algorithm to gather information about what your video is about. This indicates that your video’s description is essential in determining where it is going to be recommended or not.

Enjoy the benefits of this by looking at your YouTube analytics and seeing what other channels your viewers are watching. You should then use comparable terminology in your captions to reinforce these linkages and increase your chances of appearing as a suggested video.

3. For a higher CTR, insert key information first

The first 100 to 150 words of your description of the video will display in search engine results and just beneath it. That is to say; it is the most crucial component for attracting new viewers and increasing click-through rates (CTR). Make the most of this space by giving viewers a compelling incentive to watch your video and even subscribe to your channel.

Adding a call to action in the description is a practice that many YouTubers have been applying in recent times. When checking out your video, ask people to subscribe. A simple comment such as”If you liked my video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel” will suffice.

4. Use timestamps to categorize your video

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Videos containing timestamps are popular among both users and algorithms. Users may easily traverse your material and jump to various parts using timestamps, which operate as a reference list. Your viewers and subscribers will value timestamps since they make videos easier to watch and navigate.

This can increase your video’s search and display ranking by boosting the view count. Use keywords to define your timing and make the most out of this new approach to promote your video and get it to the top of search results – both on YouTube and Google.

Final Thoughts

YouTube is a really powerful platform that offers limitless possibilities. The amazing thing about YouTube is that it nearly always has users’ undivided attention. We rarely open something that does not pique our curiosity, so every time someone views your video, you have a chance to capture their attention.

Adding relevant and optimized descriptions will help you get more views and subscribers, so get on it as fast as you can and watch the channel grow.

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